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Facebook Cover. Does it Matter? Yes!

What captures one’s attention when visiting a Facebook Page? Yep… there you have it. It’s pretty much unanimous and there’s just no way of going around it, and neither should you. Despite it, many Hotels still disregard the fact that

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Non-responsive? Not an Option! – Part II

Simplified Management Having distinct Desktop and Mobile versions EQUALS TWICE THE EFFORT; separate Google Adwords campaigns; separate SEO campaigns and separate Google Analytics reports; so what is the point of having to manage two sites, when you could be managing

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Non-responsive? Not an Option! – Part I

Mobile devices usage has become the norm nowadays, and sometimes it’s almost baffling how immersive and symbiotic the relationship has become… almost as if a technological extension of the self… it does get one thinking. People are on their smartphones

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Image Is Key – Part II

3.4. Meeting Facilities – Corporate Business Whether your Hotel is a premier spot for weddings or has a variety of conference rooms, these are incredibly important aspects to be portrayed; all planners naturally expect a clear view of the actual

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Image Is Key – Part I

1. Image Sells and Will Always Sell Why? Let’s place ourselves in the potential guest shoes for a while. Usually most booking processes start with an online search and hotel comparison right? Numerous studies show that the two main factors

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