1 900 000 people reached with only 350€ invested

Case Study

Vila Joya Boutique Resort

The Client

Vila Joya Boutique Resort – World Leading Boutique Resort and two Michelin Star awarded restaurant, where “moorish architecture coupled with the fragrance of the Atlantic Ocean help to conjure the charm of a fairy tale.” In 2014 No. 22 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant List.

1 542 000 people reached with Google Adwords campaigns

The Challenge

The International Gourmet Festival is an event that brings together the best and most recognized chefs from around the world and aims to present the very best, innovative and cutting edge cuisine.

The challenge was to create a strategic communication plan for the International Gourmet Festival, aligned with its image and prestige, using digital channels and platforms capable of generating the maximum awareness for the seventh edition of the event that would take place at the Vila Joya Resort between 7th and 17th November.

329 240 people reached on Social Media platforms

The Solution

Developing an Integrated Digital Strategy for communicating the International Gourmet Festival that included:

  • Content publication and promotion using Social Media Advertising (Facebook and Youtube), to maximize the reach and awareness of the event;
  • Development of segmented campaigns to 6 different countries based on interests and behaviors on the web of the target audience;
  • Creation of a customized landing page for the event where users were redirected when they clicked on ads.

8 530 people visited the website as a result of the campaign

The results

  • Google Adwords campaigns reached 1 542 000 people
  •  5 030 additional website visits as a result of the Google Adwords campaign
  • Social Media platforms reached 329 240 users
  • 1 153 promotional event video views
  • The number of Facebook Page Followers grew by 1 100
  • 3 500 people visit the website through Facebook Page

These goals were achieved using only 350€ as the total advertising investment.

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