Leverage the acquisition and retention of customers with our Email Marketing solutions.

Email Marketing

Tired of receiving unsolicited e-mails? What if you could receive notifications according to your needs and at the right timing? We provide Email Marketing based on permission methodologies to ensure better conversion rates.
Targeted Email Lists

With targeted email lists you can build campaigns with high-return rates by increasing the relevance of the content and alternately increase the opening rate and decrease the subscription cancellations

Creation and development of attractive Newsletters integrated with “Call-To-Action”, to send targeted newsletters at a later stage, taking into account both the motivation and needs of your target-client.
Target Lists
We obtain results through a detailed analysis of information based on the criteria that define each target group, so that you can ultimately communicate with your client in an effective manner.
Subscription Forms
Subscription forms developed with criteria tailored to the specific needs of each client, ultimately creating personalized mailing lists.
Performance Analysis
Strategic redefinition and refinement based on post-delivery performance analysis, using Google Analytics in order to measure conversion rates
Email Marketing Hotelaria

Email Marketing

Campaigns with High Returns

 Setting Goals
 Email Marketing Strategy
 Seasonal Action Plan
 Construction and Targeted List
  Design and Build Campaigns
 Integration Methods
 Performance Monitoring Reports

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