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Online Reviews = Nightmare? – Part III

How To Respond To Some Of The Most Challenging Reviews? By now, consistently responding to online reviews should be a standard procedure nailed down by your marketing department, don’t you think? But while many hoteliers are adept of handling in-person

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Online Reviews = Nightmare? – Part II

Best Practices 1. Honesty Is Always The Best Policy Be completely honest when engaging with guests who have manifested negative reviews, and don’t try to make it look like you’re actually the victim. Stand by your mistakes and deal with

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Online Reviews = Nightmare? – Part I

Let’s face it, in today’s age of real-time information, consumers absolutely love to be heard offline and online, right? They have absolutely no reservation in sharing their thoughts, checking other reviews and suggestions, and commenting on posts across a multitude

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Millennials? The Time Is Now! – Part II

So how does one reach and influence their travel decisions? 1. By Being Authentic If your message remotely resonates like typical advertising, you’re out. An honest approach will be the way to go, so instead of “hiding” your flaws, try

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Image Is Key – Part II

3.4. Meeting Facilities – Corporate Business Whether your Hotel is a premier spot for weddings or has a variety of conference rooms, these are incredibly important aspects to be portrayed; all planners naturally expect a clear view of the actual

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