Over 10 000 visits during the first month following launch of the website

Case Study

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

The Client

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova 5 Star Country House & Spa is an Alentejo family estate situated in Albernoa.

Herdade da Malhadinha Nova is not only a hotel & SPA, it is a space that runs its own restaurant, stud, high-quality wine production, a shop where their own agriculture products and wines are sold, as well as offering a variety of experiences – all of this makes Malhadinha Nova a very complex client.

Almost 1,5 million people reached with Google Adwords campaigns

The Challenge

The clients aim was to improve direct sales results as the previous website had a high bounce rate and was not converting into sales or bookings, moreover sales through digital channels were close to zero.

The biggest challenge was to find a way to pass entire range of their respective products and services, that Herdade da Malhadinha Nova presents without the new website and digital strategy becoming to confusing for the customer. The main objective was to increase the number of room bookings and online sales of thematic packages, wine and services.

Almost 38 000 pageviews in the first month of website presence

The Solution

New website that contains:

  • Facilities that can sustain the digital marketing strategy namely different landing pages to present resort amenities, offers and information about the surroundings, user-friendly design, analytics integration and conversion optimization;
  • Responsive Web Design makes the website reachable and user-friendly even when opened on tablets or smartphones;
  • An integrated booking system available on the website allows customers to book rooms directly, without the need to use other platforms;
  • The online shop integrated with the ERP management system – the number of products updates automatically with any change registered in the system so there is no need to input any information manually (regarding the shop products online);
  • Website developed with HTML5, Javascript, CSS and Python.
Complex Digital Marketing Strategy, including:

  • Social Media Communication Plan – content creation and curation in order to dynamize existing pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram;
  • PPC Google AdWords Campaigns in order to bring visitors to the website that converts visits into sales or booking;
  • Facebook Ads campaigns promoting the Facebook Page and the website.

The number of followers on Facebook grew by 25% and on Instagram 436%

The results

  • In the first month of its online presence the website received more than 10 000 visits and almost 38 000 pageviews;
  • 1 426 733 impressions and 7 996 visits via Google AdWords Campaigns*
  • The number of followers on Instagram grew by 436%*
  • 25% more Facebook followers*
  • Over 100 Reviews on TripAdvisor*.

* during 6 months

A Partnership with Results

The HDS marketing team has proven to provide The Herdade da Malhadinha with an excellent support service, dynamic and creative digital know-how, and has been an essential strategic partner for us in the past and still in the present. HDS is a company focused on the future, bold and persevering. “Come, for only the coward tarries, and it is folly to look back on the City of the Past”, Khalil Gibran.

Rita Soares, CEO | Herdade da Malhadinha Nova

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