Image Is Key – Part II


043.4. Meeting Facilities – Corporate Business

Whether your Hotel is a premier spot for weddings or has a variety of conference rooms, these are incredibly important aspects to be portrayed; all planners naturally expect a clear view of the actual place where they will be hosting a specific event.

3.5. Recreational Areas | Surroundings

You can pretty much bet that all foreign visitors [perhaps with the exception of corporate travelers] are definitely looking for popular attractions and activities, so naturally, it’s important to show them what your hotel’s near of, especially if that may work as an extra plus.

4. What Images to Depict?

Nowadays, one of the biggest trends is to include the Human Element in Hotel imagery and we could not agree more. This stimulates the traveler’s imagination, who immediately identify the portrayed personas as themselves, and start fantasizing about their upcoming holidays.

A classic and continuously perpetuated mistake still made by the vast majority of the industry is presenting “deserted” and “lifeless” images of their Hotels and amenities, aka, catalog photos; for instance, an empty lobby or empty restaurant does raise a number of subliminal questions: is there no one there to greet and receive guests, or, is the food and service so bad that there’s no one actually eating? It may sound farfetched, but it’s importance is tremendous.

This is an excellent topic and we’ll return to it in the future on another blog post for sure.

5. More Is Less or Less Is More?

Usually the virtue is in the middle, so don’t come up short and don’t go overboard. According to studies promoted by Tripadvisor, travelers are 150% more engaged on listings with 20+ photos then those with only a few ones.

The “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” motto is no accident. Text is no longer needed and effective imagery has to convey the Hotel’s message and entice accommodation bookings.

6. Booking Engines

According to studies conducted by Webhotelier, properties with a solid number of quality photos of rooms and amenities have a significantly higher conversion rate than others with low quality and scarce libraries.

7. Digitally Transverse Always!

Making sure your Official Website is in tip top shape image wise is not even open for discussion, but don’t forget that it should be transverse to all digital platforms, so, you’ll need to keep your imagery up to date and monitored at all times.

Making the conscious decision of investing in professional photography shows attitude and self respect; if not, there’s a pretty good chance potential guests won’t be willing to risk their money, and since there’s literally a myriad of alternative options just a click away, is it actually worth it?

night-dark-hotel-luxuryHotel imagery should provide online visitors with virtual tours of what it has to offer as close to reality as possible, featuring three basic elements: the area, the property and the services. The priority levels may vary, but this has mainly to do with one’s target groups and digital strategies.


Bruno Santos
Account Manager | HDS – Hotel Digital Strategy

Bruno Santos


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