Non-responsive? Not an Option! – Part I


Mobile devices usage has become the norm nowadays, and sometimes it’s almost baffling how immersive and symbiotic the relationship has become… almost as if a technological extension of the self… it does get one thinking.

People are on their smartphones and tablets literally all the time, but mainly their smartphones, and increasingly connected all the time as well, so the question must be made: why are there so many businesses that have not yet adopted the responsive mantra? Good question.

The following Statista data clearly shows just how BIG Mobile Dominance already is, and what’s to be expected in the near future. Approximately 5.07 billion mobile phone users in 2019, with 2.6 billion of them owning smartphones, which accounts for over 50% of the universe… WOW!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 16.52.03

Also, mobile devices are getting more and more advanced technologically, literally operating as portable computers and allowing consumers to perform almost any given task on the go. It’s not by accident that internet browsing, social media interaction, e-mail checking or online shopping are being overtaken by mobile, so the importance of having a multi-platform responsive website is pretty much out there in plain sight for everyone to see. At least one would expect it, right?

Still, and just so there is absolutely no doubt why responsive is the only way to go, the following arguments should suffice and convince even the more skeptical users and/or adopters.

Google Recommendation

Google’s dominance as Number One Worldwide Search Engine is irrefutable, with a market share of approximately 88.6% according to Statista Data from January 2016, plus, they are advocates of Responsive Web Design, recommending it as the best way to target mobile and tablet users, and also introducing recent changes in their search algorithms, favoring mobile-optimized sites when presenting results for searches promoted via mobile.

imac-ipad-computer-tablet-mobile-monitor-apple copyOne Website, Multiple Devices

Providing The Ultimate User Experience across multiple devices and screen sizes is The Goal for which every ambitious business owner and/or organization should strive for nowadays, at risk of completely missing the Mobile Marketing Train.

Bruno Santos
Account Manager | HDS – Hotel Digital Strategy

Bruno Santos



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