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Image Is Key – Part II

3.4. Meeting Facilities – Corporate Business Whether your Hotel is a premier spot for weddings or has a variety of conference rooms, these are incredibly important aspects to be portrayed; all planners naturally expect a clear view of the actual

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Image Is Key – Part I

1. Image Sells and Will Always Sell Why? Let’s place ourselves in the potential guest shoes for a while. Usually most booking processes start with an online search and hotel comparison right? Numerous studies show that the two main factors

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Hotel Marketing Trends for 2016 – Part II

5. Video, Video and More Video Video ads are certainly nothing new to consumers, but social channels like YouTube, Facebook or Bing have taken them to the next level, hosting billions and offering advertisers a multitude of options from an

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Hotel Marketing Trends for 2016 – Part I

The Digital Marketing Industry may be highly complex, volatile, and ever-changing, but a pretty exciting one for companies who are determined to ride the wave when it comes to modern trends. 2016 looks extremely promising, and the following list portraits

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The Power of Instagram . Part II

Why Using Instagram to Promote Your Hotel? Ever since its inception in 2010, Instagram has been steadily climbing up the ranks, surpassing Twitter this year and currently occupying the 7th overall place among all Social Media Networks. Create Your Own

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