Hotel Marketing Trends for 2016 – Part II


5. Video, Video and More Video

Video ads are certainly nothing new to consumers, but social channels like YouTube, Facebook or Bing have taken them to the next level, hosting billions and offering advertisers a multitude of options from an investment perspective. Just out of plain curiosity, do you know which is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world? Yep… YouTube.

2016 is set to be significantly different, because Google is finally on board with in-SERP video advertising. It’s clearly a sign that users are becoming more accepting of video advertising, and that as that trend continues, an infinitude of new types of ads will be popping in unusual places.

6. To Buy or not to Buy Buttons? To Buy!

Social E-Commerce is here to stay! Buying buttons on Social Networks like Facebook, Pinterest and so on is rapidly becoming the norm since the line that separates them is growing thinner and thinner by the day. [Source: Forbes].

7. Real-Time Marketing

Being “in the moment” matters for hotels. Showing up at the right place and the right time and having a strong presence on all channels where your persons hang out is crucial, so nail down guest personas and strengthen your strategy.

iphone-smartphone-apps-apple-inc-mobile-phone copy8. New Payment Methods

New ways of completing a payment, particularly on mobile are growing. Companies like Stripe are starting to reshape the market. 2016 will see bio-metric payment methods grow, more mobile payments and simplified checkout flows. [Source: Forbes].

9. Meta Search Evolution

Meta Search continues to grow its market share in the Hotel Industry. With updates such as TripInstant and Trivago’s Facilitated Bookings, the Meta Search landscape is still evolving and changing the way consumer’s book.

10. Cross Device Data

Cross device tracking will make major advancements in our multi-screen world, even as it raises privacy concerns. Google, along with a host of start-ups, are investing significant time and money into developing stronger cross-device results.

Bruno Santos
Account Manager | HDS – Hotel Digital Strategy

Bruno Santos

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