“Baking” Realistic Goals with Digital Recipes

AHPToday’s “Special” is quite simply, how can one use Digital Marketing to secure realistic goals from a sales perspective? By use of online research studies, market data and air traffic routes that’s how… and yes, using your head along the process is mandatory as well.
ATA – Algarve Tourism Association . Online Markets Research

As a direct result of our professional relationship with ATA – Algarve’s Tourism Association, we regularly analyze the latest online search trends promoted by potential Tourists about Algarve as a destination.

Discarding the obvious ones [Portugal, United Kingdom and Ireland], we’ve been able to identify three countries with relevant numbers, which may be considered as secondary targets, namely: The Netherlands [148.000 searches], Germany [130.000], and France [77.000], with the last one already surpassing Ireland’s numbers.

Being a bit more thorough analysis wise, we were able to identify the main drives for each and every one of those specific inbound markets [from a specific keywords perspective]:

  1. The Netherlands: focal point is Golf [13%], Shopping [13%] and Gastronomy [12%].
  2. Germany: Gastronomy [27%], followed by Beach [19%] and Surf [11%].
  3. France: Beach and Sun [29%], Golf [13%] and last but not least, Luxury Tourism [7%], which is an extremely interesting indicator, since it’s pretty much in line with the United Kingdom numbers and surpasses all other markets.
Analysis Refinement – Statistical Data

Now, let’s cross this data with other market intelligence and find potential correlations, which will ultimately assist in the validation process from a quantitative perspective. We analyzed our National Statistical Institute Data [INE] and crossed it with the number of sleeps during the first semester of 2015. From the 5.2 million of foreign sleeps registered we acknowledged:

  1. Inbound markets with significant growth: France [+18.7% versus 2014], Belarus [12.9%] and Germany [6.3%].
  2. In terms of absolute ranking, UK naturally leads the way, followed by Germany [708.000], The Netherlands [623.000], Ireland [406.000] and France, on the verge of surpassing Spain with 243.000.

What can one infer from these numbers? Firstly, validate the direct correlation between the number of online searches and the effective number of sleeps; secondly, the need of boosting online investment towards “emergent” markets with significant growth rates: France, Germany and Belarus; thirdly, a strong recommendation that all online channels [i.e. web, social media, etc…] have contents in French and German, which is not always the case; fourthly, maintaining the level of investment in “classic” markets such as the United Kingdom and Netherlands, even if Ireland needs to be slightly sacrificed; lastly, and from comparing the rates of searches vs sleeps, it will be far more efficient and profitable to allocate our budget to France, Belarus, Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands.

Extrapolating and making the most of all gathered data, we have developed and implemented online ads focused on primary focal points from a search engine perspective of these segments; for instance, gastronomy and surf for the German market and luxury tourism for the French.

Dwelling with a limited budget? Prioritize; channel your investment to the German market and produce gastronomy-oriented content; taking it even further, limit your AdWord campaigns to both Dusseldorf and Memmingen from January to March 2016, by means of knowing that there will be new direct routes added to those particular cities, as well as more weekly flights.

We finally have the foundation data to start implementing our Strategic Plan in terms of markets and segments to target, contents do develop and promote and budgets to allocate. Still, a ton of work looms ahead from an operational standpoint, namely: creation of custom AdWord Ads and respective landing pages, Facebook and Instagram Ads according to focal points of interest and selected locations, etc… but that is another story for upcoming posts


Olivier Soares . Regional Sales Manager | HDS – Hotel Digital Strategy olivier@hoteldigitalstrategy.com


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