Mobile Application that fulfils your needs and reaches your targeted customers' mobile devices.

Pine Cliffs Resort App

Mobile App focused on bookings and concierge-like functionalities that allows customers not only to book accommodation, tennis or golf lessons but also to find events, restaurants or bars around the resort.
What makes our Hotel Apps different?

Our Mobile Apps match our client’s visual and corporate identity, and serve as an extension of our customer’s activities and services on the market. We help them to fulfil their needs and reach targeted customers’ mobile devices.

Push Notifications
Interactive notifications that inform customers faster and easier about updates, events, special offers and promotions.
Unique experience for customers
We care about the information architecture and usability, ensuring that users have a pleasant and intuitive experience in finding everything they need.

Apps are designed bearing in mind the aggregation of graphic design concepts, programming and information architecture so that they engage target groups and leverage brand awareness.
Reaching New Markets
Mobile Apps enable to reach customers regardless of the time or device they use. This app has already registered over 1500 downloads and generated more than 100 reservations.

Pine Cliffs Resort App

  Find events around the resort
  Discover all 12 Restaurants and Bars at the resort
  Book a restaurant
  Book accommodation
  Book Tennis and Golf lessons
  Explore the Real Estate and Resort galleries
  Share experiences with family and friends
  Make use of the latest offers
  Check the weather in real time with 3 day forecast
  Get the latest Concierge tips
  Receive offers direct from the resort to your mobile device
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