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“We provide a full range of Integrated Services”

HDS is a Digital Marketing Agency operating mainly in the Hotelier and Tourism Sectors. Olivier Soares, Regional Manager, explains that the key aspect making the big difference positioning wise, is clearly the fact of providing a full range of integrated services.

Olivier HDS

HDS – Hotel Digital Strategy, is a Digital Marketing Agency operating in the Hotelier Sector since 2004, currently representing over 20 clients. For Olivier Soares, Regional Manager, the key aspect making the big difference in terms of positioning, is clearly the fact of “providing a full range of integrated services, spanning from AdWords Campaigns, Community Management, CRM, SEO, SEM, Website Development, and pretty much anything needed; also, there are a lot of companies offering quality websites and social media management, but it’s not customary to find an agency capable of handling each and every aspect.”

With a current team of 30 and hopefully counting, HDS client portfolio is extremely interesting from a quality and quantity perspective, allowing us to support the current operational logistics. In what concerns those clients, our main goal is naturally to increase their direct sales. For it’s Regional Manager “Digital Marketing is much more than just looking sexy and appealing, it’s also about results. This is definitely not just a way of sharing risk, since I believe there’s not much risk associated, but yet a way of sharing the benefits resulting from working closely with our clients. In order to attain such goals, there is not a single project that moves forward without at least a month, to a month and a half of preparation and analysis, as well as defining the entire Digital Strategy moving forward. We clearly identify what we are setting ourselves to do depending of the Hotel, so it’s completely tailormade.”

2014 was a great year for the company, “which ultimately allowed us to launch the new brand, as well as to expand our operations to both Lisbon and Porto due to our solid portfolio. We have a number of clients which started their Digital Marketing adventure with us two or three years ago and were quite reluctant from the get-go, but that nowadays double their investment on a yearly basis.

We are consolidated, and the clients have realized the true potential of Digital Marketing, increasing their profits significantly and continuing to increase their budgets.”


Questioned about Digital Marketing major trends, Olivier Soares guaranties that “it’s literally impossible for any Hotelier, even the ones operating in major chains to have the ability of being constantly updated on all fronts”, because we are dealing with a living organism. However, SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is key for a Hotel to boost sales. On average, 70% of all web traffic is organic and deeply rooted and connected to a SEO quality. This should be everybody’s number one priority, as well as having an attractive website that promote sales. Being afraid of placing a “Reservations” call-to-action at Homepage makes no sense, since it’s a commercial plus. Sometimes we may be reluctant to do so, but placing ourselves in the client shoes, which first and foremost wants to buy or is interested in that possibility, it is our duty to assist him in the process, otherwise he’ll be looking elsewhere, such as TripAdvisor, or our competitors”.

Another major trend consists of having a solid brand presence in terms of social media, making the most out of it. Having a solid presence does not necessarily translates into quality web traffic rerouting. Anyone who wants to sell more and with greater profitability, cannot limit himself to social media; social media are naturally a plus that should be explored, but there are a number of key aspects, such as setting up a quality and user friendly website that easily explains to them why it’s for the best to buy there instead of via OAT. In the Portuguese case, we are still a bit far from a stage where the vast majority of Hoteliers have clearly realized all the potential of social media marketing when it’s done properly.

Each and every Hotel has specific needs, but some fail blatantly in protecting their brand online, with direct competitors taking advantage of it. There are examples of players promoting Google AdWords Campaigns using other brands in order to redirect traffic to their Website, accounting for the loss of 40, 50 or 60 thousand visits a year, which ultimate translates into lost of sales. Nevertheless, I firmly believe Digital Marketing needs to raise the bar significantly and present itself as much more than just Social Media Management and Advertising”.

Olivier-SoaresOlivier Soares
Sales Manager | HDS – Hotel Digital Strategy

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